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    - kommetjie in south africa, 2013 -

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    Khayalitsha ( engl. New homeland) is situated on the outskirts of Cape Town
    on the Cape Flats and has become, with an estimated population of 1 500 000
    people , one of the biggest Townships in South Africa.
    Townships were developed during South Africa’s Apartheid era to create race
    division amongst the population and to keep the blacks out of the white residential
    areas. Often physical barriers like Industrial zones or vacant grounds were used as
    a dividing corridor for black and white South Africans.

    The so called “Shacks“ build in random order from corrugated sheets , cardboard
    and wood are the predominant form of Housing in the Townships.

    Life in Khaylitsha is all but easy. The Crime rate is extremely high and the people face poverty , hunger and diseases. Despite the poor living conditions, life in the township is often full of laughter and happiness.

    In his exhibition “aimed faces”, Tomas illustrates the true nature and emotions of the people and their lives in Khayalitsha .

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    Tomas Rodriguez was born 1973 in Dortmund / Germany.

    Since 1998 he is working independently as a skilled and experienced photographer, before this he worked for 4 years assisting for various talented people and productions gaining worldwide experience in the range of fashion, advertising and architecture.

    His studio is based in Cologne / Germany where he works and lives. During the European winter months Tomas’ mainly produces in South Africa however for his national and international clients he travels around the globe. Tomas works for well known national and international fashion labels, advertising- and stock agencies.












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